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The purchase price of Vital-Sim software is based on the cost of the different software modules selected, and configuration and training requirements.

Vital Signal Logic Simulator is configured in program modules permitting maximum flexibility at the time an initial order is placed. Expansions can be purchased as the needs of the owner change. Minimum requirements are the Basic System and one Compiler Program. In addition, some pre-shipment system setup will be required to configure the VSLS to the characteristics of the using railroad. Additional hardware locks are available as is onsite training.

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Leasing of VSLS is also possible. Lease configurations include annual, weekly, monthly and by project. Lease are available for all modules that are available for purchase.

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VSLS Modules

1. Basic System Program PN: 595-1/3
Includes serial communications, coded circuit I/O, external relays, line wire interconnections and timers emulation; track layout display/modifications; layout screen customizer (allows the user to customize the layout screen with active text details of features ancillary to the interlocking such as local control panels); database tag list display/modifications; and automatic relay-equivalent conversion display

2. Compiler and Conversion Programs

  1. For Harmon DOS HLC ® and VHLC ®
  2. For ALstrom VPI/CSEX ®
  3. For Electro-Code IV & Electrologic ®
  4. For US&S Microtax ®
  5. For US&S Genisys/Microlok I ®
  6. For US&S Microlok II ®
  7. For ACE Compiler for EC-V, IWP and VHLC
    (Requirements: ACE Complier Ver 3.0, or later, plus Validator;) (or reports from GE, generated by Ace Compiler and Validator.) (Does not do DOS VHLC)
  1. Lamp Out List Generator Program
  2. Route Module Accessory Program
  3. Automatic Test Program
  4. Customized Access to Automatic Test
  5. Additional Hardware Lock

Pre-Shipment System Set-up may be required for all VSLS Systems ordered. If a railroad aspect tag name file has not been previously created, the set-up is more complex. If it is necessary to create a new tag name file, the following material will be required to accurately quote on the set-up charge:

  • Aspect Chart
  • Rule Book
  • Circuit nomenclature (tag names) for switch controls and indications, track circuits, code rates, signal types, lamp out detection, etc.
  • Sample location plans and programs, if available.